Heather Green

   As a Singer and Sculptor, Heather Green works to
further the creation of art that exists on multiple
perceptual levels. Seeking- through sound, motion and imagery- to establish an enveloping aesthetic experience. Since completing her BFA in Sculpture at Pratt Institute in 2001, Heather has devoted herself to the study of Operatic repertoire and technique -with the assistance of voice teacher Phillip Caroll and coaches such as Inna Leytush- believing Opera to have the most powerful tradition of multi-dimensional expression.
   Heather has shared vocal performances around
New York, with such groups as Vertical Players Repertory Opera, One World Symphony and The Italian Opera Company, while also working on independent projects. For her co-created sculptural stage work, " You Are Here" which was scene in the 2002 New York International Fringe Festival, Ms. Green was recipient of the Mellon Grant for Creative Research.
   Heather is very pleased to be working with the
innovative and fun folk of Pamplemousse, especially
toward the birth of Yoav Gal's unique dramatic piece,
" Mosheh."