Dumbo Transitions

New Video curated by Jun-Ah Kim


“Honey, I understand you, but…”

Thursday, January 4, 7 PM

  Safe-T-Gallery is pleased to announce the second "Dumbo Transitions," video screening featuring work by some of the finest young video artists from around the world, curated by Jun-Ah Kim.

The screening "Honey, I understand you, but..." will take place on Thursday, January 4th from 7 to 9 PM at the gallery. The screening will feature work by 5 International artists. There will be a formal screening starting and 7 followed by a continuous screening and informal get-together with many of the artists. Make the screenings a part of your regular "Dumbo First Thursday" circuit.

   An English expression that is often used in everyday life is “I understand you.” When you face some difficult or dissatisfied situation, you can reply with ‘I understand you’, but you don’t have to describe how you think and what you feel. “ I understand you” itself gives a sudden definition about contradictable questions to the other. It could be sarcastic or it could be too much optimistic to solve the problem. However, we live in much troubled world and we don’t have to agree ‘that’s right or wrong’. Just understand the situations, and respond.

With this in mind, Safe-T-Gallery is introducing 5 international video artists: Taiwanese Kuang-Yu Tsui, Brazilians Erika Fraenkel and Carlo Sansolo, Japanese Masayuki Kawai, and Israel artist Sagi Groner. These five artists respond to Modern society with wit, humor, sneer, fury, and assault. The thing that they emphasize is what we are missing and finding from the customized world that we created



Masayuki Kawai

About a Theological Situation in the Society of Spectacle
6'30", 2001

Masayuki Kawai edits short cuts of commercialized images in TV and runs them fast as you play with a remote control unconsciously. Emptiness is in what we are around and what we have made from re-consumed images.
TV stars and Mikados are ubiquitous not as a symbol but analogy to be referred to. The image quoted from Society of Spectacle hallucinate us the ruin of itself, by using deliberate imitation of mass-media image


Kuang-Yu Tsui



Kuang-Yu Tsui

Single Channel Video,
07'50" loop, 2005

In this work, developed during a residency at Gasworks, London Kuang-Yu Tsui explores the social dynamics of urban spaces in a series of actions that test and subvert the invisible norms that govern our use of public spaces. He is using a series of actions to re-discover and re-present the city from a different perspective, one that absurdly challenges the use of spaces and makes us think about how we deal with them.


Carlo Sansolo

ozuland 001
10", 2006

ozuland001 is an audio/video/text compilation analyzing the old suspects. He depicts control - mass media - post industrial capitalism with abstract and symbolic animation style.

Carlo Sansolo

Erika Fraenkel


Erika Fraenkel

A copia e os desajeitados
6", 2006

Erika Fraenkel took a street performance copying Michael Jackson who is one of famous pop icons in 1980s with repeating the sound of the first part in his song “Billy Jean”. A video that expiate the abuse situation in society, where the constant seduction makes weak, an analysis on the non possibility of today’s man to feel at home, tale about the anxiety of the actual world.


Sagi Groner


19'35", 2006

Sagi Groner is talking about how today’s technology gives people be losing the worth from their living lives by under controlling what it makes. The video shows several cases of them and each story throws questions of “What we are thinking about the value and result ”. A pilot, a DJ, a Kung-Fu master and software developers meet together and enjoy Apples by courtesy of Lockheed Martin..

Sagi Groner


Admission to the screening is free, but seating is limited, please come early.